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Lower TCO, Higher ROI


When an enterprise mobile solution fails to measure up to your business and employee expectations, the costs can quickly escalate. Use the following TCO calculators to determine the true cost of your current solution.

Industry Averages For Site Productivity Loss is
49% of Total TCO

  49% - Productivity Loss From Hardware Failure

  27% - IT Support

  10% - Integration Services

  14% - Hardware Adoption

Source: VDC Research


  • Mobile Devices are supporting more mission-critical applications each year.
  • Widespread consequences include negative impact on customer service, internal productivity and employee morale/satisfication.

Industry Average TCO Calculator Page



Average productivity loss
per failure


Dollars Per Hour

Average Mobile
Employee FTE



Average IT support required
per downtime


dollars per hour

Average cost for
IT Support

Raise your solution expectations - not your TCO

Consider the real costs associated with consumer-phone-based solutions and other offerings that fail to measure up to your organization's needs or business expectations. With Versity, you can eliminate the potential for hidden costs and frustrations that lead to higher TCO. Instead realize the measurable gains and added value with an enterprise-specific, purpose-built solution.

TCO Direct Cost Calculator

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How many of each of the following Smartphones and Accessories do you currently have or plan to purchase?
Backup devices and Accessories for 24/7 use.

TCO Indirect Cost Calculator